Founded in 2019, NettService is a Cleaning Company dedicated to a sustainable world.

Since the growing number of questions about the social and environmental sustainability of our planet, we founded NettService in response to the lack of commitment to sustainable development.

Our difference lies in innovation, as part of the profits we earn from our services are directly invested in humanitarian and environmental NGOs to develop a more sustainable world.

But our initiative does not stop there, our Cleaning Service also strives to use only CradetoCradle® certified products. These products comply with high environmental standards, thus forming part of a sustainable and circular economy. They are biodegradable as well as recyclable so that they can be reused when they reach the end of their life, are not harmful to people or nature, and social conditions are controlled.

All this makes NettService, an innovative company that stands out by offering its Green Services for the sole cause of our planet.

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