• NettService, the sustainable Cleaning Service for everyone
  • Welcome to NettService, the cleaning service that cares as much about the planet as it does about its customers.
  • At NettService, we take your schedule seriously in order to offer you an efficient service.
  • NettService takes care of your problems: house, storage room, premises, offices, building, end of lease, our team intervenes for you and for the planet.

Why not clean up for the planet ?

Founded in 2019, NettService is a young cleaning company based in Switzerland. It stands out for its innovative vision that promotes a sustainable, attractive and high quality Cleaning Service for all.

NettService cares about nature as much as it cares about its customers.

Respect for nature

At NettService, we care about nature.
That's why we are committed to use CradleToCralde® labelled products, safe products that respect the environment.

NettService offers advantages to its customers

Loyal customers

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We thank our loyal customers with benefits and special offers.
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Offering fast and high quality service


Your schedule is our concern, so we make every effort to offer you a fast and high quality service.

NettService is a donor to humanitarian and environmental NGOs.

Equitable sharing

A part of our profits is directly invested where the needs are present in view of a more sustainable world.
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Our exclusive services

We are committed to offering you the best service at the best price.

Place of residence

Thanks to NettService, your home will keep its freshness. We take care of all your rooms as well as your windows, cabinets and the various accessories in your kitchen.

Spring Cleaning

Dust and cumbersome furniture, NettSerivce relieves you of this task by carrying out a thorough cleaning, so you can enjoy your free time.

Premises & offices

You have offices or premises and don't have time to clean them. The cleaning of a workplace is not to be neglected and cannot be done in a hurry. NettService does it for you, so you will have more time for yourself.

Old furniture

It quickly became a problem to clutter up his cellar, and when you notice it, it's a little too late. At NettService, we offer you our help as soon as possible so that you can find more space.


You are the owner of a building and you are concerned about the cleanliness of its stairwell and its possible courtyard. We understand the importance of these areas and can intervene at regular intervals, so you will no longer have to worry about the cleanliness of your property.

End of lease

The end of the lease means the beginning of the big cleanup. This consequent intervention requires a certain know-how so that it can be completed efficiently. NettService does not take this matter lightly and devotes particular care to it so that the owner finds impeccable premises ready to welcome future tenants.

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